All prices are updated daily, we take into consideration to unoccupied cars, the cars which will return, density and stagnation of the reservations, in this way, we rate the prices that will make both us and our customers pleased. .
All of the cars in our fleet are at the age no more than two years. Cars at the age of more than two years always have troubles and need maintenance, so we get them out of our fleet. All the cars in our fleet are almost at the same age, thus our prices ar
The car that you reserved is busy at that time, one upper class car will be rented with the same price.
EFor at least one day rentals and if you give the information about your flight such as the airline company, arrival and departure times and flight number, one of our stuff will meet you and deliver your car and will return it back.
You should show your Driving License and Passport if you come abroad. Your address and telephone will be written down to contract by our stuff. Please don’t forget to get a copy of the contract that indicates the prices and deposit.
Will you deliver an extra car in case We have to deliver an extra car in case of accidents for the fixed price rental contracts.of accident?
Will the costs covered by car insurance if there is a breakdown of the car?
There are no limitations for this condition.
We have the most wanted car models in our garage. Our company, which is at the car rental sector for a long time, can provide several cars for your preferences from the most accurate partners. Please do not rent cars like 4x4 jeeps, pickup trucks, minibus
You may return the car to any city that you prefer. You may receive information from our Office about the return prices.
AIf the car has a mechanical problem during the rental process, this imposes us a burden both economical and labour force. Thus, all periodic maintenances of our cars are made by negotiated car service stations.
Cars are delivered with the current fuel l
Yes, we have cars with diesel engine.
Unfortunately, this is impossible.
Yes, we give the “rental with chauffeur” service.