Rental cars are guaranteed with the optional or compulsory insurances within Turkish laws and regulations for insurance. With the compulsory financial liability insurance which costumers do not need to pay any extra payment, expenses of treatment, death, disability and material damages of third persons, not the driver of the rental car, will be covered according to the limits stated in laws.  

Customer is bounded by law to pay the expenses of accidents and third person injuries which are over the limits, even if disaffirmed after a period of time. Expenses of damages for mental anguish of the victims of the accident and their relatives will also be met by the costumers.

Except for the compulsory insurances, Rising introduces his costumers the optional insurances below..

Legal Liability Insurance – Car Insurance
All the damages occurred during the rental period and responsibilities are belonging to costumers. Legal Liability Insurance – Car Insurance secures the expenses of damages which may occur because of the usage.

Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance is the insurance that covers the limited amends which will be paid if the driver and passengers die in any possible accidents with Rising’s rental cars.

Theft Insurance
With Theft Insurance, customer can secure the rental car against robberies.  

Tire - Glass - Far Insurance
With this insurance, customer, if prefers, can secure the damages like broken glass of lights, flat tire which are not under the security of car insurance. For all the insurances to be valid; • Customers should obey to whole Traffic Laws and Regulations, • Customers should not misuse or should not completely be in fault, • Customers should not use the car drunken or drugged, • Customers should not use the car at higher speeds more than the limits, • Customers should get the Traffic and alcohol reports just at the area and deliver in 48 hours to Rising Tourism, • Driver should be registered, • Drivers who do not have a driving license should not use the rental cars. In the contrary circumstances, insurances will be invalid and customers will be responsible for all of the expenses. Additionally, Insurances will automatically be invalid if; • Customers misrepresent to Rising Authorities, Traffic Officers, and Local officers, • Costumers use rental cars in forbidden of close ahead roads, • Customers overload the car with cargo or passanger. 

In the point of an accident, it is necessary to call Rising Tourism Centre (0312 483 61 62) and give information as soon as possible