Risingrentacar  which was established in 2010 adopting in quality services, customer satisfaction and honesty principles is 7/24 - continuously on its costumer’s side by long – short time car rental services.

Risingrentacar  has solution partners both in Ankara – the city where the centre of Risingrentacar  is – and in all other areas of Turkey. With its professional stuff, Akkor aims to be the leader of market share and sector. Risingrentacar  provides a wide range of products consist of several marks and models of cars from daily used cars to luxury official cars and rents passenger cars in every class.

Our Mission:
Preferential aim of Akkor is to take up the quality and development of the sector in its area to higher levels, and also to make brave and innovative steps towards studies which will provide development and applicability to car rental standards and to being a prestigious sector.

Our Vision:

Risingrentacar Committal Limited Company

  • To be a company which fallows the current conditions and developments of the sector where costumer portfolio grows rapidly,
  • To have a developing organization,
  • To have the principle of giving qualified, economic and reliable service,
  • To provide complacence to its customers before and after the car rental with its services,
  • To be a friendly and partnership providing company,
  • To make its stuff feel one of the parts of the team and make their contribution level higher by educational and motivational activities,

In short, Rising rent a car  works as a company that gives qualified, secure, innovative and developing services and aims to forge ahead.