Daily Rent

Our company, which has the mentality that the widespread car rental services must be done professionally, has the highest level of quality. We are proud to serve you, our precious customers, with our fleet which we daily put one another new car in. The goal of our company, aiming to keep the customer satisfaction high, is to make our customer get secure driving service. Our firm, operating in every day of the year, makes effort for our customers to relieve car needs. By current technological developments we can give online rental service on our web site with a fair price policy. Additionally, our stuff, professional and experienced about car rental services, is as far as a phone to you and will be beside of you in any bad situation.

Fleet Leasing

Long term car or fleet rental is a new and developing area in Turkey. Our goal is providing complacence of our customers by presenting the best and highest level of quality in this area. Operational fleet rental is the most preferred car renting way in present-day business life. After determining the vehicles your company needs, they will be bought and made available for you to use. All expenses – taxes, maintenance and insurance – will be met by Rising Tourism during the rental process. Your company will not be faced with extra financial problems; thereby you can use the money that you reserved for transportation in other areas. With the operational fleet rental system, you can record the invoices that you monthly have to pay as expense, so you will not have to make the tracing procedure for your cars.

Chauffeur Hire

Rising Turizm gives airport, hotel, city or any other transfer services for 24 hours every day. The detailed explanations about the regional transfer options that you may prefer are indicated below.