-Licence Anyone with a driving license for at least 2 years rent a car.
-RENTAL PERIOD At least 1 day. Mileage is unlimited.
-LONG-TERM RENTAL Rentals of at least 1 month is a special fiyet.
-Special rental rates, please call our office.
-*MATTERS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE Applied to the vehicle oil prices, maintenance costs are included.
-Casco included. PAYMENT Is taken as the total amount of rent in advance at the beginning of the contract.
-In addition, € 200 in cash or as a deposit slip is empty. These deposits will be returned to the tenant return the vehicle.
-EXTRA SERVICES Navigation (EU 4 / day), roof rack (EU 7 / day) TRAFFIC FINES Traffic fines belong to the customer.
-In the case of detention of rented by traffic while the vehicle is included.
-Delivery and collection Free pick-up and delivery within the city limits. € 0.30 per km for other places (30 cents) is an additional charge .
-INSURANCE Vehicle 3 party (within legal limits) insurance guarantee fee within the lease.
-Optionally, individual life insurance must be paid for the day € 5.
-Fuses to be valid, without moving the vehicle, traffic accidents and alcohol test taken, the accident is completely flawed bulunulmaması of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs should not be used or legal speed limits.
-In the case of theft, the police or gendarme report is sufficient.
-Reports must reach our office within 24 hours at the latest. codriver One can use the rented vehicle other than the drivers named in the contract.

Note: In case of accident to the nearest police station, refer to the vehicle by changing the location of the accident and alcohol reports.